MSV Softwares

1. Manage it! (Formerly MSV System Utilities)

Manage It! is a new, portable, easy to use application specially designed to help you manage your computer. Changes registry, setting timer for shutdown, etc.

Usefull if your computer was attacked by viruses and the settings changed, such as no task manager. You can reenabled it by this program.

Created by (MSV Inc.)

Example: Task manager become disable, you can re-enabled it with this porgram.

Key feature:
- Small, portable, and free
- Easy enable/disable interface
- Advance tweak for advanced user
- Special tweak for common problems (especially in forums)
- Other cool tools

MSV System Utilities is free for personal use only.

Last version: 1.4.3

Via Sourceforge
Via Softpedia

*Attention! Manage it! is used to managing system, not to increase its performance.

2. MSV Timing Shutdown

MSV Timing Shutdown is a handy, easy to use application designed to enable you to schedule time before your computer shutdown / restart. MSV Utilities has Clock mode, the only free program can do it at this time.

Key Feature:
  • Easily set Shutdown timer
  • Portable
  • Free
  • Set shutdown time with Clock mode (The only Program can do it)
  • Alarm Enabled
  • New Interface!

This software needs .Net Framework 3.5 to work
Via Sourceforge
Via Softpedia

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Download MSV System Utilities mengatakan...

Really is a very powerful program in computer maintenance and repair mistakes and avoid all the problems and the most beautiful that after dealing with him you will find the computer has become a fast 180% than before

Anonim mengatakan...


I am from Brazil. Thanks for developing MSV System Utilities. Just downloaded it to give it a shake.

Suggestion: how about developing a utility whereby the user could save and then restore at will Windows 7 traybar icon status customization (Always/Never Display icon in notification area etc.)?


Temukan caranya mengatakan...


Thanks for using my software. About tray icon, its already available at the new version of msv system utilities (Now i rename it to manage it!) if i'm not mistaken.

But i just forget to update the page here. sorry, i will update it now

Tushar Kamal mengatakan...

Your Software are owsome.Thanku to make such software..........if u have more plz mail me at

Vincent utomo mengatakan...

Thank you for using my software mr. Tushar

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